Support your local Butchers in Cambridge!

With more and more butcher shops closing due to more supermarkets being erected in our Cambridgeshire villages, the few Butcher shops in Cambridge that are still trading, are finding it increasingly hard to get new customers through the door. That was one reason why we decided to set up a web page as one way of marketing ourselves and for customers to be able to order online and pick up at a time convenient to them.

We know we can compete when it comes to quality and price because we source our meat from the best farms in England.

Take our beef for example.

We mature our beef by hanging it for 28 days in our fridge to get the great flavour, texture and tenderness that our customers have come to expect. Whether it is beef, lamb or pork it is skilfully butchered into different cuts and joints.

Sausages are another great example

They are all made by hand to our own recipes, and with a minimum of 70% meat, I can guarantee they taste fantastic. With different flavours available it will make the normal “bangers and mash” a bit more interesting.

Most butchers in Cambridge will have their own sausage recipes, homemade products and own cooked meats etc and isn’t that what we all want when we are cooking our “home-cooked” meals?