Red Meat & Your Health

There has always been a lively debate as regards to wether red meat is good or bad for the health. (Red meat is any meat that is red before cooking it, i.e. pork, beef, lamb, venison etc.)

As butchers we of course believe lean red meat has got a number of very healthy factors.

The following essential vitamins and nutrients are but a few found in red meat:-

  • B Vitamins – essential to health and has a high presence in red meat. They are important for the release of energy from food. B vitamins help your body burn fat and are also essential for the nervous system.
  • Red meat is an essential source of iron, which is vital to good health as it helps make red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. In fact, no other food contains as much iron as red meat and it is broken down and absorbed by the body easier than iron in grains and vegetables.
  • Zinc – another essential nutrient found in red meat. Zinc is needed by the body to make insulin and is also good for healthy skin and hair but most importantly, it boosts your immune system.

That red meat is an important part of a balanced diet is clear. What may not be so clear is that the red meat you eat should be lean and well matured. That means it has little fat. At our butcher shop here in Fen Ditton Cambridge we can provide you with just that. We only sell beef that has been matured for 28 days which makes it lean and tender.

Our butchers expertly TRIM all the different cuts so it has little fat. So go to your local butchers and buy some lean red meat and ENJOY it!


And don’t forget, as a general rule – to eat (and drink) everything in moderation and you will stay healthy!