New Season Spring Lamb

You may find sheep in just about every country on the planet, but in season British lamb is very hard to beat. Spring lamb season runs from May-October but it is in the earlier spring months that British lamb is at its most succulent and its flavour at its most subtle.

This is partly because lambs are typically weaned to a diet of grass between the ages of 1 and 3 months and the consumption of grass add flavour to lamb.The majority of lamb sold in Britain is from animals between four months and a year old.

Big supermarkets will source lamb from a number of different farms.

Buying home grown lamb from a good butcher’s shop or farmers’ market will not only give you the opportunity to ask about the source of the lamb but your taste buds will thank you as well – and you’ll make the butchers and the British farmers happy too.

Spring lamb is fantastic for roasting simply with garlic and herbs but if you prefer your lamb to be more flavourful and robust, then what’s on offer in the later months, around late summer and autumn, might be a better choice for you.

We have some beautiful Spring Lamb in our Cambridge butcher’s shop at the moment and the feedback from our customers has been fantastic.

So next time you are in Cambridge pop in to see our butchers and buy some for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.