Gluten Free Sausages and Burgers

Some weeks ago a few of our customers came in to our butchers shop in Cambridge and asked if we had any gluten free sausages.

We used to make them years ago and they sold really well but gradually the demand died down and we stopped selling them. So when these customers asked about them, and we didn’t have any, we decided to start making them again.One of the reasons they didn’t like the gluten free sausages they could find in the supermarket was the fact that they contained rice. Our gluten free sausages and gluten free burgers consists of 100% English Free Range Pork and seasoning. They are free form gluten, free from wheat and free from dairy. They may be a little bit more expensive than the “normal” sausages but that is because they are pure meat!

The feedback from our customers has been very encouraging. All of them who have bought them, have told us how fantastic and tasty the gluten free sausages and burgers are and that they are so happy that they can enjoy these foods again which in turn makes it all very satisfying for us, as your local  Butcher in Cambridge, to be able to make a difference!