Butchers & Convenient Shopping

I read in an article the other day that people only go to the supermarket to buy their meat because the opening hours mean it is more convenient.

That is a very true and a real problem for independent butcher shops. It is difficult for small family businesses like ours, to open longer hours and at the weekend. Some of the reasons are staff, costs and the work/time involved in running a small butcher shop!

Someone suggested butcher shops should open at 12 noon and close at 10pm, or at least be open longer than to only 5pm.

Now, although that might seem like a good idea to a lot of people, which I totally understand since everyone is busier than ever nowadays however I thought I might explain why that might be almost impossible for some butcher shops, especially small, family run butchers like ours in Cambridge with only a few staff and limited resources.

First of all butcher shops are dependent on when their suppliers deliver and that is normally in the morning. We source our meat from what we think are the best farms and they are at the moment not local, so that means we only get one or two deliveries in the week. Butchering the cuts out takes time therefore you need your stock in early to allow for this.

In our next blog we run through our typical day in our butchers shop in Cambridge to further explain the difficulties of longer opening hours.

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