Last year the weather left a lot to be desired and therefore there wasn’t much of a BBQ season to talk about, in fact, I would go as far as to say that it was one of the worst years for selling BBQ meat. For all of us Butchers who was geared up for the summer, anticipating lots of gorgeous sunshine and plenty of garden parties was bitterly disappointed.

This year isn’t looking particularly promising either so apart from going outside to perform a sun dance there must be something we can do that will get people in the mood to dust off the BBQ, get out the garden furniture and put on a party.

That is why we have started a nice, new display of BBQ meats in our window cabinet. Anyone walking past seeing our delicious marinated pork ribs, chicken thighs, lamb kofta kebabs, chicken skewers and minute steaks as well as the different flavoured sausages and burgers, which are firm BBQ favourites, will find it hard to resist sparking up the BBQ as long as it isn’t raining. We have even left the bone a bit longer on our lamb chops so it will be easy to just pick them up and take a bite.

So this year, let’s be British and put on our shorts and T-shirts, even if the sun isn’t shining and get BBQing.