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Last year the weather left a lot to be desired and therefore there wasn’t much of a BBQ season to talk about, in fact, I would go as far as to say that it was one of the worst years for selling BBQ meat. For all of us Butchers who was geared up for the […]

We are what we eat!

I find this whole business with the horse meat scandal very interesting. The question of traceability of meat products is not an issue if you are running a butcher shop. All our beef comes with a passport which states the farmers name, kill date and the weight of the animal for example so it is easily traced back to the farm and […]


Due to changes in both pig breeding and butchery techniques over the past few decades, the fat content of lean pork has reduced from 30% to just over 4% on average. And 50% of the fat that it does contain is unsaturated fat which is healthy for the heart. So eating pork meat is definitely a healthy option. Pork is […]

British Sausage Week

The British Sausage week is an annual celebration of the taste, quality and diversity of the great Butchers’ Sausage. The week is now a major event and stands out as one of the most loved annual food events. The British sausage is a true national treasure and no one makes a better sausage than your local Butcher. For example, in our butcher […]

South African Goods

I am not aware of many places in Cambridgeshire that sell South African goods which is very strange since there seam to be quite a few South Africans in and around Cambridge. Many of our customers are South Africans and some of them travel several miles to visit our shop to purchase the various items we have to offer. Most popular, of course, […]

Save your Local Butcher!

We were once a nation of shopkeepers with a generation of butchers, green grocers and bakers, who knew every customer by name. The way we shop for meat now has changed and is largely dominated by supermarkets that encourages mass food production which creates high volume of produce. Unfortunately, this often reduces an animal’s quality of life which, in turn, affects the taste […]

New Season Spring Lamb

You may find sheep in just about every country on the planet, but in season British lamb is very hard to beat. Spring lamb season runs from May-October but it is in the earlier spring months that British lamb is at its most succulent and its flavour at its most subtle. This is partly because lambs are typically weaned to a diet of […]

Gluten Free Sausages and Burgers

Some weeks ago a few of our customers came in to our butchers shop in Cambridge and asked if we had any gluten free sausages. We used to make them years ago and they sold really well but gradually the demand died down and we stopped selling them. So when these customers asked about them, and we didn’t have any, we decided […]

18th March: Mothering Sunday

Look after your mum and treat her to a 28 day matured Top side of Beef roast on Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Don’t forget all the trimmings. Roast potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire pudding! You can get it all from our shop here in Cambridge. A family of 8 can eat this tasty meal for around £20 total or £2.50 a head. Come and visit us and we can help […]

Red Meat & Your Health

There has always been a lively debate as regards to wether red meat is good or bad for the health. (Red meat is any meat that is red before cooking it, i.e. pork, beef, lamb, venison etc.) As butchers we of course believe lean red meat has got a number of very healthy factors. The following essential […]