We are what we eat!

I find this whole business with the horse meat scandal very interesting. The question of traceability of meat products is not an issue if you are running a butcher shop. All our beef comes with a passport which states the farmers name, kill date and the weight of the animal for example so it is easily traced back to the farm and we know what we are selling to 100%.

As the supermarkets seem more interested in making huge profits rather than making sure their customers are safe and demand unreasonable prices from their suppliers, who in turn can’t afford to buy quality ingredients to produce their ready meals or even a pack of quality mince, perhaps it isn’t so strange this has happened.

I must also question the choice some consumers are making. Why do they fill their bodies full of rubbish? These ready meals are not cheap. On the box it might look as if a ready meal Spaghetti Bolognese is oozing a thick, abundant portion of mince. It is only when you open the box you realise it is a very small pot of not very tasty looking food. To buy ingredients for a Spaghetti Bolognese and make it ourselves doesn’t cost any more. 1lb (460g) of lean mince beef, an onion, mushrooms and tomatoes will cost around £4 in our shop and that feeds a family of four and only takes 30 minutes to cook. What would you rather eat?

We have seen an increase in business since the horse meat scandal began and we hope our new customers won’t fall back into their old ways and go back to the supermarket. Once they have made the effort to visit ourCambridge butcher shop we hope they will see that we are very competitive on price and that they will enjoy the quality of our meat. And feel healthier as well! The knowledge that what you buy is safe and carefully sourced may also be a benefactor. Perhaps the phrase “we are what we eat” has finally showed its true meaning!