British Sausage Week

The British Sausage week is an annual celebration of the taste, quality and diversity of the great Butchers’ Sausage. The week is now a major event and stands out as one of the most loved annual food events.

The British sausage is a true national treasure and no one makes a better sausage than your local Butcher. For example, in our butcher shop in Cambridge, we hand make all our sausages from free range pork or beef and they are 66% lean. When you cook these, you will not get a tray full of fat with shrunken and wrinkly sausages. That’s because they are full of MEAT!

Many pig farmers are currently losing money due to the high cost of production and face going out of business. By encouraging customers to look for the Red Tractor logo or equivalent mark of assurance, we can support farmers and make sure that the sausages we eat are from pigs produced to high welfare standards.