Save your Local Butcher!

We were once a nation of shopkeepers with a generation of butchers, green grocers and bakers, who knew every customer by name. The way we shop for meat now has changed and is largely dominated by supermarkets that encourages mass food production which creates high volume of produce. Unfortunately, this often reduces an animal’s quality of life which, in turn, affects the taste and quality of the meat. It is time people start going back to their local butcher where, contrary to common belief, the produce doesn’t cost anymore compared to the Supermarkets and is sourced from farms with very high standard of animal welfare. If 1 in 30 shoppers returned to their local butcher it would make a real difference. If our butcher shops disappear we will never get them back. In the Cambridge area we have just lost one in Histon. The time has come to support your local butcher so they can do what they do best – sell top quality meat! (and at very competitive prices).